Welcome to this empowering FREE one day live event that will connect you with expert speakers and thought leaders from around the world. Our guest speakers are all set to share their knowledge, insights and evidence based tools, techniques and strategies that can help you on your journey to self; showing you how you can unlock your personal power and create positive change in your life.
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I am so excited to be sharing this day with you and supporting you on your journey to self.


Dr. Ken Pelletier

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Integrative Medicine Pioneer, Author of 13 books including ‘Change your Genes, Change your Life’

Dr. Steven Hickman

Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director, Teacher and Teacher Trainer of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses. Author of the soon to be released book ‘Self Compassion for Dummies’.

Jessica Setnick

A Trainer and eating disorders pioneer, Food & Nutrition Therapist & Founder of Understanding Nutrition.

Dr. Warren Donnellan

Psychologist and Lecturer based University of Liverpool, UK. Key areas of interest is Resilience throughout our life stages.

Jesse Coomer

Breathwork, Athletic Breathing Coach, and Author in the field of Breathwork. He’s also a voice of practicality in the world of health, wellness, and mental fitness on his eponymously named YouTube channel.

Gemma Sanchez

Co-Founder at Grow Your Mindset: supporting children and adults to develop a growth mindset.

Nina Amir

An Inspiration to Creation Coach and certified High Performance coach helping her clients Achieve More Inspired Results.